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Pruning of Hydrangeas

Pruning of Hydrangeas.

Around the pruning hydrangeas and hydrangeas there are many misunderstandings , which as far as the mopheads are concerned, often lead to a year without flowers .

Why do we even prune : the flowers are often sought after for flower arrangements , the faded withered bulbs seem sloppy and aimless and ...many of us think pruning is necessary.

Pruning makes a plant grow... but not always leads to blooming.

Shrubs that bloom on year-old wood will benefit from a substantial pruning and often produce more beautiful and large flowers (eg panicle hydrangeas; arborescens ) .

However many hydrangeas bloom on multiannual wood and they make ( as do many other ornamental shrubs) already in the late summer the flower buds for next year .

So do not prune these Hydrangeas , and leave the dead flowers on the plant until April nex year - they protect the underneath standing flower buds from frost.

Pruning Hydrangea macrophylla (Mopheads and Lacecaps )

Hydrangea macrophylla bloom ( with a few exceptions , see below ) almost all ,on multiannual wood , in the late summer they make the flower buds for next year , severe pruning in winter will result in lots of new growth of branches but also in a year without flowers .

In older shrubs (5 years or more) a rejuvenation by pruning is advisable , thin therefore in the spring (late March, early April ) one third of the oldest branches seriously, cut them down to the ground and encourage in this way the growth of young shoots .

Choose carefully the branches to cut back so that the plant maintains a balanced structure .

Exceptions - Mopheads that bloom also on new wood : Hydrangea ' Endless Summer ' - Hydrangea macrophylla 'The Bride' , these two always bloom on year-old wood and also can be pruned without loss of flowers . Other species bloom sometimes on one year-old wood : Hydrangea ' Penny Mac ' - Hydrangea macrophylla ' Merkur ' - Hydrangea macrophylla ' Bouquet Rose' - Hydrangea macrophylla ' Blauling '

When you start pruning the withered bulbs in April , be very careful not to cut too deep, because the flower buds for next year are not far below , you can clearly see them . For Lacecap - umbelliferous hydrangea macrophylla types applies just the same.

Pruning Hydrangea paniculata ( Peegee Hydrangeas ) Panicle hydrangeas bloom on year-old wood and should be pruned considerably every year in the spring , if you do not do this then the bush will( after a few years) really fall apart .

Exceptions prove the rule : Hydrangea paniculata ' Praecox ' and Hydrangea paniculata ' Dharuma ' make their flowerbuds very early at the end of winter so pruning it safer to prune them in late autumn ( frost-free period ) . Strong and thick branches can be cut back to 20cm .

Of course if you want your Paniculata hydrangea to grow into a strong high bush then you need to apply a targeted topiary .

Pruning Oakleaf Hydrangea - Hydrangea quercifolia or oakleaf hydrangea blossoms like macrophylla types on the wood from previous years and needs no pruning. By pruning you may damage the graceful shape of the hydrangea quercifolia . Limit yourself to remove dead wood or broken branches.


Pruning Hydrangea Aspera

This species requires little pruning , a slight cutting of the top of the brances in spring ( 10-20 cm ) is sufficient to stimulate growth.

Pruning Hydrangea arborescens

These species bloom on year-old wood and can therefore be pruned in the spring firmly (up to several buttons above the ground ) , then you will obtain a lot larger flowers . For young plants apply moderate pruning, otherwise these large flowers are too heavy for the frail branches . Known types include Annabelle and Grandiflora .

Pruning Hydrangea Serrata , like the macrophylla, the bloom on last years wood, they are usually slightly less vigorous growers and fairly compact shrubs that need little or no pruning .



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